Frequently Asked Questions

We have made every effort to make MyWasteApp as helpful and useful as we can to help you find sites who can accept your wastes. During our initial launch phase, we have responded to feedback to improve our app. We’re now at the ‘beta’ release phase and whilst we’ve resolved as many of these problems as we can, as MyWasteApp is an entirely new application, we’re expecting to need to make further improvements. This is why we’ve launched a ‘beta’ version and we would greatly appreciate it if you can work with us by providing feedback so we can improve the MyWasteApp: We’ve provided answers to some questions below where we are expecting problems with the app:

How does MyWasteApp work? Who developed MyWasteApp? Why doesn’t my waste site appear in the searches? Why is there incorrect or duplicated information? Why does the website format look odd? Why are my search results different from previous searches? Why does it only cover England and Wales? What improvements are you planning on making? What does the data quality rating mean?

How does MyWasteApp work?

MyWasteApp was developed to help answer questions like 'Where can I recycle, recover or dispose of my waste?' and 'Which waste sites can accept hazardous waste?' or even to deal with more routine wastes such as food waste, office waste, construction wastes. MyWasteApp is a web-based application which comprehensively connects producers of waste with the waste industry. MyWasteApp processes information on waste companies and the wastes they’re able to accept, initially based on the waste types they're authorised to take, and translates this information into easy to use search tools to enable users to find waste treatment facilities based on their waste types or by waste activity type. Producers of waste will readily be able to source companies who can handle and treat their specific wastes, whilst opening up business growth opportunities for the waste industry. Waste companies can sign up to MyWasteApp to promote their site. Once registered, and this process involves checking site details, waste processes and waste types, their listing will feature at the top of the search results as MyWasteApp has more confidence in the information provided. MyWasteApp will show an enhanced listing which will contain contact information and information about their organisation so they can receive direct enquiries from search tool users.

Who developed MyWasteApp?

MyWasteApp was developed by Green Edge Applications Limited which is an online, environmental consultancy owned by Director, Jane Hall, who has over 20 years experience within the waste, industrial and environmental regulatory sectors. MyWasteApp was developed to support waste producers by creating easy to use searches to identify authorised waste sites who can recycle, recover or dispose of their wastes. It was primarily created to address hazardous or difficult wastes such as chemical industry wastes, however it is also useful for helping to find waste sites for more general waste streams such as waste from construction and demolition sites, food waste and office waste.

Why doesn’t my waste site appear in the searches?

We’ve done our best to get the right information into MyWasteApp from a number of different data sources. Some information we obtained excludes company names, postcodes, grid references and waste codes, which all affect the success of the search. We work continuously to update and amend our source information, including working with regulatory bodies to improve and amend errors. The best way to improve our data is to take advantage of the early sign-up fees and register with us where you’ll be able to correct this data yourself. The MyWasteApp team will then check your data and upload it onto MyWasteApp and mark it with an improved data rating. Otherwise, please bear with us, we’re doing our best to provide users with the best information we can.

Why is there incorrect or duplicated information?

We have developed a number of data cleaning tools to check and remove erroneous data from the database e.g. waste codes which do not fit a six figure format, postcodes which lead to nowhere. If we’ve missed anything, we need to know about it so we can correct the information and improve our data cleaning tools

Why does the website format look odd?

MyWasteApp looks great when viewed in Google Chrome, or Microsoft Edge. It looks less great on some phones and on Internet Explorer. We’re working on this and hope to resolve issues over the coming months. In the meantime, try viewing the app through Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

Why is my search results different from previous searches?

When I last looked, the list of sites in my search was different. Why is this? As waste operators register their sites and their data is checked, we award a higher data quality rating. This means they move further up the rankings and the order of sites changes. As we collect more data from our customers, and also refine our own data sets, the search outputs will change significantly. We’re currently examining the best way to present the search outputs, which is no small task for over 10,000 active waste sites across England and Wales, with a focus on those who have registered with us. We are also consulting on the option of presenting data in the order of the waste hierarchy, for those operators who have registered with us. As we experiment with these options, the search outputs are likely to look very different from one day to the next. One thing will remain constant - priority will be given to our customers for whom we will have good quality data and they will always feature higher up in the rankings.

Why does it only cover England and Wales?

Waste sites in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland are all regulated by different regulatory bodies, and data is collected in slightly different ways. This makes adding the data into a software tool challenging. To make sure that data is added correctly, in order to provide the right linkages, we have added it gradually, country by country. Our demo was launched for consultation using only Welsh waste site and waste type data, where we tested our software tools, connections and data checks. We then added English sites and waste types and launched as a beta release. We intend to add data for Northern Ireland and Scotland’s waste sites as soon as we’re able to, following further data quality and QA checks of our existing data set..

What improvements are you planning on making?

Future plans include improving the usability of the app, introducing more user-friendly waste activity descriptions in the activity search and providing waste news, advice and guidance.

What does the data quality rating mean?

operator is permitted to accept waste at this site, but the site has a standard permit, with a standard list of codes.  

operator is permitted to accept waste at this site, the site has a bespoke permit, with a list of waste codes which is specific to the site.  

operator has accepted wastes recently and is permitted to accept the waste.

operator has signed up to MyWasteApp and has confirmed that they are able to accept this waste type.

operator has signed up to MyWasteApp, confirmed that they are able to accept this waste type, and the MyWasteApp team have checked that the site is permitted to accept this waste. Whilst MyWasteApp make every effort to quality check data, the responsibility of carrying out duty of care responsibilities remain with those who produce, transfer and treat the waste.